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DayCare Sage™ software is the leading affordable home/family based childcare management software available. Our software was designed with your needs as a professional childcare provider in mind. DayCare Sage™ is complete, affordable, powerful and flexible. Please watch our Introduction Video to see how our software can help your center and free up your time or Call Us today!

If you need help deciding whether pc-based or web-based software is better for your center and the costs associated with both, please see our Choosing Software Guide.

If you have more than 25 enrolled children, please look at our ChildCare Sage™ Software
If you have a Drop In Childcare Center please look at our DropInCare Sage™ Software

(Please click on the blue underlined reason for a detailed explanation of each reason.)

1) The DayCare Sage comes complete with every function you need to run your childcare business.
2) Our idea of affordability doesn't cost a thousand dollars.
3) The DayCare Sage doesn't have modules that can easily triple the price of the software, and we don't force you to sacrifice functionality for "affordability." We don't force you to choose which functions to leave out to make our software "affordable."
4) The DayCare Sage is not web-based. You are not leasing your software, you don't have monthly payments, your costs never go up, and you control how you use your software. You also never have to worry about your internet connection being slow or going down, or about your software host going out of business. After all, are you open 10 hours a day or 9 hours and 50 minutes if your internet connection goes down?
5) The DayCare Sage includes a timeclock that can run on any windows computer.
6) The DayCare Sage can be installed on multiple computers (including home computers, laptops, windows tablets, etc.) when used for the same center.
7) DayCare Sage support includes free email support, free website forums, and free tutorials and training videos.
8) The DayCare Sage offers unique billing rates to automate how your center bills, instead of making you change how you bill, or making you manually enter charges.
9) The developers of the DayCare Sage, B & I Computer Consultants, have a 15 year history of providing top notch professional software and support, with over 10,000 highly satisfied current users.
10) The DayCare Sage offers a 100% 60 day money back guarantee.

What makes DayCare Sage such a great value is that it doesn't require you to purchase anything else to run your childcare business and comes with such a complete set of functions, including:

  • stores every child's complete information including immunizations, medical information, and parent and pickup person information, with photos for everyone
  • includes child and center journals to record progress reports, incidents, daily checklists, etc
  • flexible enough to handle monthly, weekly, daily, and/or hourly billing, full time/part time billing, prepaid attendance, drop-off billing, coupons, and even different billing rates for different days and times
  • graphically tracks and automatically generates child bills, with the ability to email bills to parents
  • graphically tracks staff hours and automatically generates staff paysheets
  • lets parents and staff sign themselves in/out with the included Timeclock program
  • tracks all center expenses including mileage and applies time-use percentages
  • includes a bank account register, and prints vendor checks
  • creates attendance and staffing reports that show daily and even hour-by-hour attendance and schedules
  • creates USDA meals charts, and includes full menu planning functionality
  • includes full activity planning functionality
  • runs accounting reports that show payments, income, which children are behind in their payments, and which staff you owe wages to
  • creates, recalls, and sends emails with built in email functionality
  • protects your data with the built-in backup system and password protection
  • includes daycare forms to help you comply with laws and protect your business
  • creates custom reports with selectable information, column order and contact grouping (reports output to Notepad, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel)
  • plus much, much more!!!
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