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DayCare Sage is PC-Based and Installed

The DayCare Sage is PC-based and installed. It is not web based, and doesn't need an internet connection to work.

When comparing pc-based and web-based systems, let's start with the obvious and really only advantage of web based systems; the ability to use the program anywhere you have an internet connection. Of course this can also be a disadvantage if there is no internet connection, or if the connection is down. After all, are you open 10 hours a day, or 9 hours and 45 minutes if your internet connection goes down? Web based systems make sense for organizations who have people in different locations that must all look at the same data, does your center need that?

The largest disadvantage of web-based systems has to do with who owns your data. With a web-based system, you are leasing the software from a company. You type your information into their website, it is stored on their website, and you use it from their website. What if something happens to the web based company? What if the company decides to raise the monthly cost? Since you are really leasing the software, you have no control. Some users might also have privacy concerns about keeping their day care information online.

Another disadvantage of web-based systems is speed and how you can use the system. Most people use the internet to read information and emails, look up information, or watch videos. Users usually interact with the internet by writing emails or going to a banking site. All of these activities have 1 thing in common: you are spending a lot more time reading text than you are interacting with the screen. You don't really notice the delay in going from screen to screen because you are not going from screen to screen that often. Using a web-based system that you interact with, and jump from account to account and screen to screen with is a different experience. As an example, think of the last time you logged into your credit card account online. Looking at transactions required clicking several buttons as you moved to a detailed view and each click resulted in a wait of several seconds. Now imagine having 50 accounts you are looking through, which is the case if you have 50 children or families at your center.

Another disadvantage of web-based systems is the cost, at least when compared to our DayCare Sage. A web-based system that costs $30 or $40 a month adds up to over $350 per year, every year. That is considerably more expensive than the DayCare Sage.

The final disadvantage of web-based systems really only applies when comparing them to the DayCare Sage. You will not find a web-based system with anywhere near the functionality of the DayCare Sage in terms of record keeping, billing, and batch processing.

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